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Last Week In Hemp

22nd April – 28th April

Last week in hemp, it was all about innovation taking centre stage! From threads to cars, hemp is proving it can be seriously versatile and good for the planet. Let’s unpack the cool stuff:

Hemp: The Fabric of the Future?

Canadian researchers are on a mission to make your clothes way more eco-friendly. They’re figuring out how to turn hemp straw into textiles – imagine comfy, stylish clothes that don’t cost the Earth! [1, 6]

Hemp Goes Global (and Japan is Loving It!)

The world is waking up to the power of hemp! A report shows Japan’s market for hemp-derived products has exploded – it’s six times bigger than it was in 2019! Looks like the future is green [2, 4].

Hemp to the Rescue (in a Rust Belt Kind of Way)

An Ohio hemp company is leading the charge in making the Rust Belt greener. They’re growing hemp specifically for bioplastics, which could be used in car parts instead of traditional plastics. Talk about a win-win for the environment and the auto industry! [3, 5]

Ditch the Plastic, Embrace Hemp Packaging!

Say goodbye to single-use plastics! Experts are raving about the potential of hemp-based bioplastics for sustainable packaging. This could be a game-changer for reducing waste and protecting our planet [4, 5].

The Takeaway?

Hemp continues to impress with its eco-friendly possibilities! From clothes to cars to packaging, hemp is a force for good. Stay tuned for next week’s hemp happenings, where we’ll explore more ways hemp is changing the world!

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Did you know: Hemp fibre can be used to make clothes, bags, ropes, canvas and cording; it can also be used for insulation, to manufacture auto-body parts, windows, boxes, and much more.

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