Future Crop Initiative (FCI) is for anyone interested in the hemp industry. Be it someone who just wants to know more about what hemp can do, as well as new and established businesses that focus on the hemp industry. FCI believes the production of hemp and its products can assist the growth of all communities.

One of FCI’s initial focuses will be on three types of communities that we believe can benefit the most from our objectives;

  1. Single industry communities; such as those across the Pacific whose main source of income is through commercial fishing licencing.
  2. Sustenance farming communities; many of the world’s rural communities practice sustenance farming, that is growing enough food to feed themselves and their families.
  3. Criminal farming; to escape the cycle of sustenance farming, some communities will start to grow illegal crops to increase their income.

In all three of the above examples, including hemp in their crop rotation would give the communities the ability to grow a cash crop that will assist in improving the communities wellbeing and financial independence.

Be it the seed for food, fibre for clothing, or hurd for building material, I truly believe hemp can help a lot of communities

Andrew Dunne, FCI Founder


The objective of the Future Crop Initiative is to promote the processes that will enable individuals, as well as small and remote communities the ability to grow, harvest and process hemp products. These products will include; food, fibre, paper, oil, masonry and plastics.

The initial focus will be to start processing enough material so that they can use it for their own basic requirements, i.e. flour, clothing, building and structural material. Once these requirements have been met they will be encouraged to exchange the remaining processed material for other community requirements like cash, resources and services.


Humans have used hemp for a variety of purposes through out history. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that we stopped using it on a mass scale. With the current legislation changes world wide, and the re-introduction of hemp products for clothing and food, the general public are being re-introduced to what hemp can be used for.

Now is a great time to learn more about hemp as the future is looking bright for this versatile plant.


With the legislation surrounding hemp, rapidly changing globally. There is a growth of interest in what hemp could mean for different communities. There is a strong presence already in China and India, and increasingly so in Australia, Europe and North America. There is no reason why hemp can’t become a prominent global cash crop.


Creating a resource, where it is easy to link information, with business resources and current events in the hemp industry. Will simplify the process for the public to learn about hemp and what it can do.